Thursday, July 16, 2015

Last week, Donald Trump’s haters were stunned when he was named as the frontrunner in the GOP race. These poll results have forced everyone on all sides of the political spectrum to take Trump seriously as a presidential contender in 2016.

However, a scandal broke on Thursday that could bring Trump’s presidential dreams to a crashing halt. According to The National Review, Trump has been accused of running a University scandal that defrauded thousands of students out of millions of dollars.

A class-action lawsuit in California and an ongoing civil suit brought by New York State has been filed against the now defunct Trump University, which later became the Trump Entrepreneur Institute. The lawsuit accuses Trump University of defrauding up to 5,000 students who paid as much as $35,000 to learn about Trump’s real-estate investment strategies and techniques.

Richard and Shelly Hewson were two of the victims. In June of 2009, they paid the Trump Entrepreneur Institute $21,490 for classes to learn how to flip homes for profit. In a January 2015 affidavit, Richard wrote that they paid the expensive price “because we had faith in Donald Trump.”

“We thought that if this was his program, we would be learning to do real estate deals from his people who knew his techniques,” he continued.

After paying this hefty sum, all the couple got was a field trip with an instructor to look at dilapidated homes in rough Philadelphia neighborhoods. The instructor never even explained to them how they could find properties to sell for profit.

“We realized that Trump was not teaching us how to find these needles in a haystack,” Richard Hewson’s affidavit said. “We concluded that we had paid over $20,000 for nothing, based on our belief in Donald Trump and the promises made at the [organization’s] free seminar and three-day workshop.”

“We never tried to get our money back because at that point we thought the whole thing was a scam and that we would not be able to fight Donald Trump,” he concluded.

The New York complaint claims that Trump University earned $40 million in revenue between 2005 and 2011. Last October, a New York court ruled that both the university and Trump himself must pay restitution to all students who have taken the class since May of 2010 “because it was operating illegally without a state license.”

Trump’s team has said that “there’s no merit to these allegations whatsoever.” Alan Garten, executive vice president and general counsel for the Trump Organization, spoke out to defend Trump, saying the students brought the lawsuit, “completely [out of] a financial motivation.”

Garten added that the courses were “done in a first-class manner, and the materials were high-quality and first-rate.”

Whether the allegations are true or not, it won’t stop the liberal media from using this to try to take Trump down. They’ve been waiting for something like this to come to light since Trump first announced his candidacy…

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