Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Last week, Donald Trump’s haters were stunned when he was named as the frontrunner in the GOP race. These poll results have forced everyone on all sides of the political spectrum to take Trump seriously as a presidential contender in 2016.

This week, Trump scored a major victory in congress when a new bill was presented that basically proves Trump was right about his controversial comments about Mexico.

Liberals were outraged when Trump accused Mexico of sending criminals and rapists into this country illegally. However, he was proven right days later when Katie Steinle was murdered at random on a San Francisco pier by an illegal who had been deported five times. The killer was in San Francisco seeking sanctuary, since it is a sanctuary city.


Now, California Rep. Duncan Hunter has introduced a bill that targets federal funding for sanctuary cities if they continuously refuse to cooperate with federal immigration law.

“States and cities that refuse to enforce federal immigration laws directly undermine enforcement efforts and — as recent events have shown — present a real danger to citizens,” Hunter said, according to Conservative Tribune. “If a state or one of its cities wants to call itself a sanctuary and deliberately ignore the law, then Congress shouldn’t hesitate to withhold federal funding until there’s compliance.”

Hunter also revealed that he is specifically targeting the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program which reimburses states and municipalities for the costs of processing and housing illegals who have been convicted of crimes.

“One program that most certainly should cease reimbursement is SCAAP, which is intended to mitigate the costs of incarceration, and extend to salaries and overtime,” Hunter added. “And we should look to other programs too, but there should be wide support for a response, such as this proposal, that exercises a constitutional prerogative of Congress in order to uphold the law.”

This bill represents a major victory for Trump, as it proves that he he was right when he called Mexico’s relationship with the U.S. problematic.

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