Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Over the last few months, we have been reporting on the mysterious closings of five Walmarts across the country.

2,200 Walmart employees at five stores in different cities were laid off last Tuesday and given just a few hours notice. Walmart claimed that the stores had to be closed due to plumbing issues, but many pointed out that they hadn’t even filed for permits to fix these mysterious “problems.”

In fact, it was just revealed that it took Walmart a month to file for the necessary permits to fix their “plumbing issues.” You would think they would file that BEFORE they fired over 2,200 people…

This is yet more evidence that Walmart actually closed the stores for a very different reason. Many have speculated that the stores were closed as part of Operation Jade Helm, a training exercise set to take place this summer in Texas in which soldiers will infiltrate the American public to see if they can conduct a series of tasks unnoticed.

According to Conservative Tribune, two Tulsa, Oklahoma police officers just revealed what’s really happening inside the Walmarts after they entered one of them to investigate a break-in.

“They’re gutting the whole thing,” they revealed afterwards.

Officers D.A. Ross and B.T. Burson were interviewed by Youtube interviewer HighImpactFlix just moments after they left the Walmart. The interviewer pointed out that “nobody’s pulled any plumbing contracts,” and he also told police that gutting the store doesn’t match up with fixing plumbing issues.

At this point, the officers start acting sketchy and their stories stop matching up, leading the interviewer to believe they may have something to do with Jade Helm. When he asked the officers about the military operation, they quickly denied that anything like that was inside the Walmart.

“No, there’s no FEMA center in there,” one of them said. “There’s no black helicopters.”

“That kind of thing, by law, can’t happen inside the country,” he added.

HighImpactFlix then grimly reminded the officers that lots of things happen in this country that aren’t supposed to.

What do you think is going on inside the closed Walmarts? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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