Tuesday, July 28, 2015

An Oklahoma mother has been living every parents nightmare this week after the sun burns her little boys developed while playing outside at a daycare turned into horrific blisters that sent them to the hospital.

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Shaunna Broadway, 26, has filed a police report against Happiness Is a Learning Center after the daycare took her sons to a local water park and didn’t give them sunscreen. Her sons Conner Harvey, 7, and his brother Tray Wells, 5, received sunburns that left them covered in blisters that were so bad they had to be airlifted to an out of state hospital.

According to Daily Mail, Tray has second degree burns and the paler Conner has third degree burns. The burned skin has now been removed and the boys are each in wraps that are changed regularly.

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The burns were sustained last Friday, when the heat reached 115 degrees in the area, and Broadway realized that the situation was escalating after creams did nothing to help the burns. Since then, she has been helplessly comforting her boys as they experience excruciating pain. Now, she wants the daycare to take responsibility for the injuries they caused.

“Right’s right, and wrong’s wrong, and there’s no excuse for this,” she said. “I’m a single parent, and I do all I can. I work Monday through Friday, and they have to go to daycare.”

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“When I asked them about it, they claimed they were out of sunscreen and that they told the kids to put on their shirts, but they didn’t want to leave them on,” she added. “[The employees] were actually making fun of my older son, because both boys got sunburns but he was being a ‘baby’ and crying about it.”

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The daycare has been cited by the Department of Human Services a whopping 19 times in the last ten months, and this current incident is under investigation.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Tray and Connor, we hope they recover soon!

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