Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Heather Charlebois, 42, was sitting watching fireworks for July 4 with her family and friends when she suddenly felt an intense stinging pain in her legs.

“My first thought was somebody hit me, slapped me open handed really hard on my leg and pinched me, but it did not make any sense because I didn’t see anyone,” Charlebois recounted, according to American Overlook.

It wasn’t until she went to the bathroom that she noticed she had a small puncture wound on her thigh. Since she wasn’t bleeding, she suspected that a firework had hit her and decided to let the wound heal on it’s own. After four days of pain, however, she finally went to the hospital, and there she got the shock of her life.

“Yesterday everyone was telling me it looked like a bullet hole so they wanted me to go to the hospital, so I did,” Charlebois said. There, doctors confirmed that she had indeed been shot. The .38-caliber round was actually so close to her femoral artery that doctors told her they would not be able to remove it.

Charlebois, who is a mother of four children, is just happy to be alive after this terrifying brush with death.

“I feel very fortunate,” she said. “I have four kids and we’ve been through a lot.”

Florida authorities are baffled as to who shot Charlebois, but they suspect someone fired a gun into the air and the bullet fell onto her thigh.

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