Friday, July 17, 2015

A new viral video shows a fish do something very disturbing after it had it’s head cut off forty minutes earlier.

The footage was captured in Clinton, Ohio and was put online in August of 2014 by Ed Cupp, but it is just now going viral. Cupp wrote in the video description that he decided to whip out his camera when the fish continued to flop around the cutting board without it’s head or insides.

“I don’t believe this,” the man recording the occurrence could be heard saying, according to Mad World News. “His muscles are still moving, his muscles still work.”

“Nerves, muscles, everything,” a woman added.

Luckily, the internet came to the rescue to explain what exactly is happening here.

“It’s because there is a nerve in the spine,” wrote Gol D. Rogers. “The body is controlled by two parts, the brain and the spinal cord. The body can still move around even if the head is severed, because the spinal cord can still send impulse to the body.”

“It’s the same thing that causes a snake to wriggle after you chop its head off or if your heart gets ripped out and keeps beating,” William Bradley added. “It’s not that it’s alive, it’s the nerves doing their job.”

“When something happens, say you touch something hot, you involuntarily snatch your hand away,” he continued. “The signal does not have to reach your brain for that to happen. It just needs to activate the muscles in that area while it goes to the brain. Your body does this to minimize risk and damage.”

Despite these explanations, this video still creeps me out…

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