Saturday, August 15, 2015

Photos were recently taken of an alligator who was enjoying his delicious zebra lunch right before he was chased into the water by a jealous mama hippo.

The alligator came out of the water with the head of a zebra in its mouth. It had gotten to close to the mama hippo and her babies so she ran to catch the alligator and ran him into the water.

Her goal was not only to chase the crocodile but to eat the crocodile. There is a picture to prove it.


“Suddenly the large hippo lunged towards the crocodile. I was totally amazed to see how fast the hippo mom moved through the water,” wildlife photographer Renata Ewald recounted, according to American Overlook. “I thought she was going to bite the crocodile into two pieces.”

“She was one furious hippo mom,” she added. “With quick reflexes, the desperate crocodile immediately turned around, refusing to let go of the zebra carcass even if it cost him his life. The hippo’s bite fell just centimeters short of the crocodile’s head.”

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