Friday, August 14, 2015

Earlier this summer, pop star Ariana Grande caused mass outrage when she was caught on camera proudly proclaiming, “I hate Americans, I hate America.”

Now, karma has come back to bite Ariana for insulting this great nation.

Q Scores is a company that measures public opinion of celebrities and other public and media figures, and they have just released their new list of the most liked and disliked celebrities of 2015. The results of this list were not too surprising (Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber topped the most disliked list), but then The Hollywood Reporter combined the changes of the Q Scores list to see which celebrities have seen their reputations drop the most.

According to Breitbart, Bill Cosby’s reputation went down the most with a whopping 43-point dislike increase. Second place, however, went to Ariana Grande, who’s dislike points went up by 26.

Here’s the list of celebrities who have taken the biggest falls from grace in 2015:

1. Bill Cosby, 43 point increase

2. Ariana Grande, 26 point increase

3. Mehmet Oz, 16 point increase

4. Robin Thicke, 14 point increase

5. Adrian Peterson, 13 point increase

6. Robert Griffin III (tied), 10 point increase

7. Judy Reyes, 10 point increase

8. Miley Cyrus, 4 point increase

9. Paula Deen, 3 point increase

10. NeNe Leakes, 1 point increase

This comes as bad news for Grande, who desperately tried to apologize for the infamous “donut video.” Unfortunately for her, it looks like it was too little too late. America has spoken, Ariana, and we don’t like you either!


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