Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Last week, cheaters everywhere went into a panic when the adultery website Ashley Madison was hacked, and all of their 37 million users were exposed to the world.

Now, it has been revealed that one of the website’s users was Robert ‘Hunter’ Biden, son of Vice President Joe Biden. Though Biden denies that the account belonged to him, the account was paid for with a credit card that used his name with his address.

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“I am certain that the account in question is not mine,” the younger Biden said in a statement, according to Daily Mail. “This account was clearly set up by someone else without my knowledge and I first learned about the account in question from the media.”

The credit card that paid for the account is registered to “Robert Biden,” and it used Biden’s Washington D.C. address to make a $268.99 payment to the site. The payment was made on June 25, 2014 for services on the adulterous sex website. The account uses Biden’s birthday of February 4, but it lists his birth year as 1980 instead of his actual year of birth, which is 1970.


Biden, a married father of three children, has admitted that the email used to make the account belongs to him, but since Ashley Madison does not verify email addresses, he claims he was set up.

“From my understanding through press accounts, it is very easy to set up an account without someone’s knowledge as there is no requirement that an email address be verified and I am certain that is what happened in this case,” he said. “This is unfortunately not the first time that someone has used my name and identity to try to discredit me.’

It seems that Biden has lots of excuses, but we often find that in situations like this, the situation is often the right one. Looks like you got caught, Mr. Biden!

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