Monday, August 10, 2015

A White House staffer has been arrested and placed on unpaid leave after she grabbed her police officer boyfriend’s gun and shot at him during an argument last week.

Barvetta Singletary, 37, was a special assistant to President Obama and the House legislative affairs liaison before she was arrested last Friday. The White House announced her arrest earlier this evening.

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According to Daily Mail, the altercation began on Friday when Singletary summoned her boyfriend, a capital hill police officer, to her apartment for sex. Afterwards, she confronted her boyfriend about another woman he had been seeing. She then grabbed his two cell phones as well as his .40 caliber Glock 23 service weapon and demanded he give her the passwords to his phones. When he refused, Singletary got angry and pointed the gun at him.

“You taught me how to use this,” she told him, according to the arrest warrant. “Don’t think I won’t use it.”

Police say Singletary then pointed the gun in her boyfriend’s direction and fired off one round. The officer then fled the home and called 911. Police quickly arrived and arrested Singletary without incident.

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Singletary was charged with domestic violence and was released from jail on Monday on $75,000 bond. She has since had all access to the White House revoked.

“We are aware of the matter and have temporarily placed the employee in question on unpaid leave and revoked her access to the complex until we have more information,” a White House spokesman commented on Monday. “We will take additional actions as needed.”

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Singletary began working in the White House in 2014. Before then, she was deputy chief of staff to Assistant Minority Leader James Clyburn, a job which earned her a $125,000 a year salary.

We’ll update you further as this story develops.

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