Friday, August 21, 2015

A group of U.S. Marines are being hailed as heroes after they took down a crazed gunman on a high speed train that was traveling from Amsterdam to Paris today.

According to Daily Mail, three Marines reportedly first heard the gunman loading his Kalashnikov AK-47 rifle in the train’s bathroom before he opened fire. The gunman injured three others before the Marines took him down. The names of the heroic Marines have not yet been released.

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The Marines detained the man until police arrived, and he was arrested in the northern France town of Arras.

“The situation is under control, the travellers are safe,” a spokesman said. “The train stopped and the emergency services are on site.”

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The motives behind the attack are not yet known, and the spokesman said it is “too early to speak of a terrorist link.”

An American, a Briton, and a Frenchman were among the injured, and two of them were described as “seriously injured.” One of those injured was French actor Jean-Hugues Anglade, who is widely known in France. His injuries from this incident were described as “light.”

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We thank God that these heroic Marines were able to take this gunman down safely. We’ll update you further as this story develops.

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