Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Last week, liberals everywhere were outraged after it was revealed that Minnesota dentist Dr. Walter Palmer had killed the beloved Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe during a hunting expedition.

The Obama administration quickly responded by announcing that they had launched an investigation into Palmer. Now, Zimbabwe has started extradition proceedings for Palmer in the hopes of bringing him back to the country to face charges.

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Since the media turned on him, Palmer has stayed in hiding: until now. According to Daily Mail, Palmer is now spending thousands of dollars a day on armed security guards and CCTV cameras after he was deluged with death threats.

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While Palmer and his wife Tonette remain in hiding, they have hired private detective agencies to guard their three properties. Their main property in Eden Prairie, Minnesota has been guarded by police since the scandal began, so it has escaped damage so far. However, the same cannot be said for Palmer’s Marco Island, Florida vacation home, which was targeted by vandals on Monday night.

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The vandals wrote the words “Lion Killer” on the home’s garage door and dumped pig’s feet in the driveway. Florida Detective Agency Global Investigative Group, which is headed by former chief of police and US State Department adviser, Walter Zalisko, has since been tasked with protecting the home.

“I certainly hope we don’t see any repeat of what happened,” Zalisko said. “But if we do, the people will be caught on camera because we’ve installed closed circuit TV on the property.”

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“A lot of those cameras are hidden,” he added. “We’re able to document all the license plates coming on this street.”

Zalisko continued:

“We’re going to have armed private investigators on the premises and these people risk being arrested and locked up for trespassing. It could be a mixture of kids and then some wacky animal rights activists. Personally, I can’t really understand why they are doing this.

There are millions of abortions round the world. Nobody is doing this for the abortions yet they will for an animal. People hunt every day in Africa. It’s nuts. It’s just unfortunate this was a popular lion.”

“I wasn’t hired directly by the family, I’ve never spoken to Dr Palmer,” Zalisko concluded. “I was hired by another PI who was hired by Dr Palmer.”

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Our thoughts and prayers remain with Palmer and his family.

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