Monday, August 17, 2015

Dog The Bounty Hunter, also known as Duane Chapman, and his wife Beth have created a family business that has found international fame thanks to their reality show. Now, their oldest daughter Cecily Chapman has gotten in on the business, and the Chapman family has just confirmed that they will be keeping their bounty hunting business in the family.

“While Duane and I were out of town, Cecily wrote a $25,000 bond that she thought was being compassionate to someone, but it turned out to be not that great of a decision,” Beth said recently, according to The Examiner. “It could have been a great learning experience, but she caught her so fast I don’t think she learned anything at all.”

“That adrenaline kicked in and I wasn’t really thinking about my team,” Cecily recalled. “She was my client and I knew how badly she’d messed us over, so I just wanted to go and grab her.”

“Which is why you didn’t think it through,” Beth said.

“I totally messed up on that one,” the younger Chapman confessed.


“This is a dangerous job,” Beth continued. “You really have to take it seriously. A lot of people see my husband doing it and they think it’s easy, but they need to understand and realize just how dangerous this job really is. I am very strict out on the street because I want to make sure that everybody comes home alive.”

Beth and Duane started Cecily off at the bottom of the business by having her do the grunt work for a couple years.

“I’m an observer, I sit back and I watch,” Cecily explained. “Since that one episode, I’ve learned how important your team is. I’ve learned how important it is to know your surroundings, to keep calm, and to always know what you’re doing because if you don’t know what you’re doing, then you’re just going to fail. And, you also have to double-check every source. Triple-check them, even.”

“Our success rides on being relentless,” Beth said. “I think the biggest mistake that bounty hunters make, as you’ve recently seen with those guys in Arizona [Eleven bounty hunters mistakenly targeted the home of Phoenix Police Chief Joseph Yahner.], is that you have to double-check your facts. And then check them again.”

Beth went on to say that bounty hunting is essentially a waiting game.

“I don’t train my kids to kill, I train them to wait another day,” she said. “If it looks like it’s too dangerous, wait till tomorrow because we can get him at the airport, we can get him at 7-Eleven, or we can get him when he drives away. There’s going to be another day.”

“She is fearless,” Beth added, referring to her daughter. “Maybe a little too fearless because she’s grown up with this every single day of her life. Cecily’s father caught serial rapist Andrew Luster on her tenth birthday. And then, we had to fight to free Duane from a Mexican prison the whole rest of that same day. It’s just in her blood.”

We love to see Cecily taking a stronger role in the family business! Keep up the good work, Chapmans!

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