Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Last week, we reported that an Arizona bounty hunter made a HUGE mistake when he broke into the home of Phoenix police Chief Joseph Yahner on an anonymous tip.

Brent Farley, 43, was arrested after the incident, and now legendary Dog the Bounty Hunter has broken his silence to let the world know what he thinks about what happened.

“They were hunting like he was a killer, 12 guys out, guns a-blazing,” Dog said of the bounty hunters, according to Arizona Central. “You gotta check those leads out, you gotta sit and watch, you gotta talk to neighbors, you gotta be sure of what you’re doing, especially when you’re out-of-state.”

Dog, who only uses nonlethal weapons like Tasers and beanbag guns, pointed out that bounty hunters receive false tips all the time, so it’s crucial that they do their research and contact the local police department before making an arrest.

“You don’t take it as gospel because it came from Facebook,” Dog said, adding that this incident shows that there needs to be more regulation and training of bounty hunters across the country.

“We’d like to get a uniform law …. where it’s the same law in every state: You have to call the cops before you apprehend, you can’t come in with lethal weapons whether you have a permit or not,” he said. “Some states won’t let a felon (bounty hunt). I’m a felon, and some states, like Arizona, they won’t even let me in, and I’m like, ‘Yeah, I bet you wish I would’ve done that bounty!'”

In the end, Dog wants to make sure that the public knows that bounty hunters are not the bad guys.

“It’s one time out of all these times,” he said. “I’m ashamed these guys did this …. I wanted to send (Chief Yahner) flowers or something. That’s terrible.”

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