Sunday, August 30, 2015

Dog the Bounty Hunter, also known as Duane Chapman, served 18 months of a five-year sentence in prison back in the 1970s. Even though he has a popular TV series today, it wasn’t always this easy for him.

On an episode of his show he is traveling back to his former home in Texas and where he served time in prison. This allows the viewers of the show to get a better look at Chapman’s past experiences.


“In Texas I was in prison for 18 months. I say in the show that I’ve arrested some 8,000 fugitives and it all started in Texas,” Chapman said, according to IB Times. “Texas changed my life. Thank God for Texas. Texas completes a journey.”

Not only do he and his wife Beth track down the bad guys they will also be sharing their knowledge to a younger generation of up and coming bounty hunters in the various states in which they visit.

“This season it just gets so good. You do something so many times and it just becomes a habit,” he said. “It’s just incredible. Like I said, it’s my fourth quarter, but it’s amazing what we’re still seeing. Every bondsman has its own thing, its own personality.”

Chapman wasn’t always so confident that he could become a bounty hunter but toughened up his ways so he could live the dream. He enjoys the fact that he able to show his viewers what it was like growing up for him which will make them connect with him even more.

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