Friday, August 28, 2015

With the polls still putting him firmly in the front of the race, it’s been an amazing month for Donald Trump. Now, something has been revealed that makes Trump’s rise to the top even more amazing.

While Hillary Clinton’s headquarters features an army of 350 staffers, Trump has less than a tenth of that many. According to Daily Mail, Trump’s campaign headquarters is located in a windowless, unfinished space in Trump Tower, where only about a dozen paid staffers operate.


The space was once the set of the hit show The Apprentice, but now it is home to a few of Trump’s campaign staff, many of whom are first timers and volunteers. One of these staffers is John McEntee, who was a production assistant at Fox News when Trump announced his candidacy.

“I bought in to the message,” McEntee recounted. “I was sick of the career politicians.”

McEntee emailed Trump his resume and became a volunteer. He was then quickly able to work his way up to a paid position.


“Do your job,” a motto of Trump’s, is featured prominently in the office. It even appears on both a poster and a nameplate on campaign manager Corey Lewandwoski’s desk.

“You don’t need to do someone else’s job,” Lewandowski said. “Just do your job. And that’s truly the philosophy that everyone in this campaign believes. So if your job is to open the mail, we want you to do your job. If your job is to be the state director of a state, do that job. If everybody does their job, we can be successful.”


Trump’s other motto, “Let Trump Be Trump,” is also everywhere in the office.

“You have to let a candidate be themselves,” Lewandowski said. “And if you’ve looked at past presidential campaigns, you’ve seen candidates from both parties who have been over-managed or over-consulted and it reflects poorly on them.”


It says a lot that while Hillary needs a team of hundreds to help her appeal to Americans, Trump only needs a dozen people. These devoted staffers don’t need a glitzy, glamorous office. Instead, they just need a room where they can do their job, which is to get Trump elected.


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