Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Is there anything the Robertson family can’t do??

This week, Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson teamed up with country singer Colt Ford to record the song “Cut ‘Em All.” According to Conservative Tribune, the catchy tune has been described as a rap song about “God, guns and hunting.”

In the song’s epic music video, Robertson and Ford play odd-looking detectives investigating a strange crime. In the end, they find that the perpetrator is a rather insane-looking duck!

“We love the outdoors, God, family, faith and friends. This here’s redneck approved. Going to stay that way until the very end,” Ford sang.

“They call me Boss Hog,” Robertson jumped in. “Yeah, I do it duck style. You keep your yuppie car, son; I do it truck style. Ain’t scared of getting dirty, love to get a little mud on it. Stay close with God and guns. Yeah, that’s just the way we want it. It’s just a family thing. That’s how we get it did. If you don’t know, you better ask somebody. This here’s how country lives.”

The best part of all is the song’s repeated chorus:

“We cut ‘em all, Jack. Yeah, we tote them shotguns. We cut ‘em all, Jack. Country boys don’t ever run. We cut ‘em all, Jack. If it flies, it dies. We cut ‘em all, Jack. Country’s how we live our lives.”

Of course, liberals have already expressed outrage at this song because it glorifies religion, hunting, and guns. Sadly for these Democrats, however, the song is already going viral!

What do you think of Willie Robertson’s rap song? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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