Friday, August 14, 2015

Four days after returning from a vacation in Grand Lake, Oklahoma, Jo Rogers noticed her hands and feet were aching.

Thinking she was coming down with the flu, Rogers tried to sleep it off. However, when her limbs began to turn black, her family rushed her to the hospital, and thank God they did.

“She was shaking her hands because they hurt, her feet hurt,” said Rogers’ cousin, Lisa Morgan, according to Mad World News. “They tested her for West Nile virus and meningitis.”

Sadly, the doctors found no answers, and after six days of tests, they informed Rogers’ family that her organs were shutting down.


“By Saturday morning her hands and feet were turning dark blue and black,” Morgan recounted. It was then that doctors gave one final test, and this one told them what was happening.

“She was bitten by a tick,” Morgan explained.

One bite gave Rogers Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and it quickly wreaked havoc on her body. Unfortunately, doctors were force to amputate all four of the woman’s limbs int he hopes of saving her.

“(They had to amputate) below the knee of her left leg and below both elbows of her arms to save her life, to keep the infection from getting to her vital organs,” Morgan said.

Rogers is now just happy to be alive, and is thankful she has a loving family to support her as a quadruple amputee.

“You’re still with us, you’re going to get to watch your boys grow up, and you’ve got a lot of people pulling for you — she really does,” Morgan concluded.

Please pray for this woman and her family!


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