Friday, August 7, 2015

Earlier this week, Fox announced which of the Republican candidates had made the top ten and effectively qualified for last night’s debate.

Just before the debate, Fox revealed that Trump was the frontrunner by far, going into it with 26% of the vote. Jeb Bush was in second with 15%, and everyone else was down in the single digits.

The debate, however, would change everything, and each candidate eagerly awaited the new polls this morning. Now they have been revealed.

According to Drudge, Trump’s lead has nearly doubled, with 46.94% of Americans saying he won last night’s debate. Trump received a whopping 210,709 votes in their poll.

Second place went to Trump’s ally, Senator Ted Cruz, who got 13.57% of the vote. Marco Rubio came in third with 9.36% of the vote, and Ben Carson in fourth with 8.73%.

The losers of the debate were Trump foe Jeb Bush, who only got a measly 2.14% of the vote. Tenth and last place went to Chris Christie, who came in at 1.26%.

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