Friday, August 7, 2015

It’s been a rough few weeks for Hulk Hogan…

In July, Hulk Hogan was abruptly fired from the WWE after audio footage leaked of him using the n-w0rd.

The audio footage was part of a sex tape that was leaked by Hogan’s ex-girlfriend. In the video, Hogan loses it as he talks about the fact that his daughter Brooke is dating a black man, who he referred to as the n’word. Last week, Hogan was in trouble again when audio footage showed him using an anti-gay slur as well.

Now, the wrestler has gotten even more bad news as it has been revealed that he may be facing jail time. According to the National Enquirer, authorities are considering arresting Hogan after he was caught lying under oath. Court papers reveal that he made conflicting statements to the FBI and to lawyers for the liberal website Gawker.com

“Any way you slice it, either one of those exposes him to criminal liability,” said Javier Solano, a former assistant district attorney in New York City.

Hogan and his lawyers have asked a judge to “find out who was responsible for disseminating highly confidential information.” They blame Gawker for leaking the tape, and they want an expert to go through Gawker’s entire computer records to find the mole.

During a July 30 hearing, Hogan’s lawyer told the judge that he is “literally, [Hulk’s] only hope for justice,” before adding, “His career is done.”

Gawker released a statement saying, “No one from Gawker had any role in leaking that information.”

Ironically, it’s the legal case surrounding the tape that may put Hogan in prison. When Gawker first posted a portion of the sex tape in 2012, Hogan slapped them with a $100 million lawsuit for violating his privacy. In the suit, the wrestler demanded that the FBI provide details of their investigation involving a blackmail attempt regarding the sex tape.

A Gawker attorney then claimed that he knew for a fact that Hogan had made statements under oath during a deposition and to the FBI that are “directly at odds with one another.”

“So we have a situation… where the key participant, the plaintiff, is telling us one thing under oath and telling the FBI something else,” the lawyer added.

“He’s insinuating that Hogan committed perjury in one of those proceedings,” Solano said after he learned of this.

“That’s how Martha Stewart got nailed,” defense attorney Anthony Brooklier added. “It wasn’t insider trading that put her in jail. It was the lie she told to the cops.”

Liberals will do everything they can to put Hogan in jail, but we’ll be praying for him!

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