Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Here is another one of those moments where you’re going to want to scratch your head and ask why.

It is possible to trick a liberal into just about anything, including banning things. All you have to do is tell them that there is something racist about it. It is scary that some of these people are currently in charge.

According to Mad Patriots, San Diego liberals have given their support for changing the White House’s color to brown to combat “white supremacy.”

Apparently the liberals can turn anything into a racist issue no matter how crazy it may sound.

“The very name and the color are obviously a symbol of America’s racist past,” Mark Dice tells a woman who then says, “So you guys want the White House painted – that’s what you’re going for?” and then she signs the petition.

This is a process of tearing up American history in order to promote a current cause. Liberals continue to press for all of these changes no matter how bizarre they may seem.

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