Friday, August 21, 2015

An altercation at a refugee camp in Germany left scores of people injured after Muslims became outraged when a man tore pages out of a Quran, the holy book of Islam.

According to Conservative Tribune, it all started when an unidentified Afghan refugee ripped pages out of a Quran for unknown reasons. He then threw the pages in the toilet, which prompted a crowd of angry Muslims to chase him around the overcrowded camp intending to harm him.

Security guards at the Suhl, Thuringia compound were forced to intervene int he hopes of protecting the man, but this only made the Muslims angrier. A full-blown prison riot eventually erupted, and the camp became overrun with outraged Muslims. They left offices completely trashed as they threw furniture out of smashed windows.

The mob soon armed themselves with steel rods and began attacking the security guards with them.

The camp was designed for 1,200, but it has become the home of 1,700 refugees from the Middle East. The entire country of Germany is currently in crisis after letting WAY too many Muslims refugees in, and if we are not careful, we could end up in a situation just like this here in the states…

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