Friday, August 14, 2015

Last week, we reported that the Obamas were caught jetting off early for their 17 day luxury vacation to Martha’s Vineyard days early. Over the weekend, the Obama family spent their time lounging around the $12 million estate they are vacationing at while Barack headed to the golf course.

Though Obama has spent most of his vacation golfing with celebrities, the week hasn’t been one big party for him. According to Mediaite, Obama was just told that only one third of Americans approve of the way he has handled Iran.

Only 33% of Americans approve of Obama’s precious Iran deal, while 52% of Americans disapprove. This is a large decline from February polls, which said 42% approved of Obama’s handling of Iran.

The new poll revealed that 31% of independents approve, compared to 56% of Democrats and only 10% of Republicans.

The bad news didn’t stop there…Less than half of Americans approved of the way Obama has handled every single issue that was offered in this poll. That’s not the kind of news Obama was hoping to get during his vacation!

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