Wednesday, August 26, 2015

At 17 years-old, Malia Obama is nearly grown now, and she is reportedly strongly considering a career that her parents are not happy about at all.

According to Star Pulse, Malia is planning to put her nearly 6-foot stature to use as she embarks on a career in modeling. The teenager is reportedly obsessed with reality shows like America’s Next Top Model and Project Runway, each of which glorify the modeling business. Sources say that President Obama is livid about the idea, and that he is doing everything he can to put a stop to Malia’s modeling dreams.

“Barack is horrified that Malia is talking about being a model,” a D.C. insider commented. “He’s always wanted for both of his daughters to have traditional careers – like lawyers or doctors!”

Ever the nitwit, Michelle Obama actually loves the idea of Malia going into a business in which she never has to use her brain.

“Michelle loves the glamour of the fashion world,” the source added, “and she thinks Malia could even be a movie star!”

Malia has already made it clear that she would like to work in Hollywood. The teenager spent this past summer working on the X-rated HBO show Girls, and she spent the summer of 2014 in Hollywood working on the set of Halle Berry’s show Extant.

Malia has also been asserting her independence from her parents over the past year, so it comes as no surprise that she is interested in a career that her father does not approve of. Perhaps Malia would like Barack to spend more time with her instead of spending every free moments he has on the golf course.

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