Friday, August 14, 2015

Queen Rania, wife of the King of Jordan, has outclassed the Obama numerous times over the past year. This week, she did this once again when she cut her vacation short early to deal with some pressing issues in her nation.

Queen Rania spent the last few days relaxing on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, Italy with her husband, King Abdullah bin Al-Hussein, and their children. Now, however, she is ready to get back to work, and she has left her vacation early to continue promoting various education and health causes for needy children all over the world.

The queen was photographed leaving the luxury yacht that her family vacationed on, and she looked excited to get back to work.



By cutting her vacation short, Queen Rania has once again outclassed the Obamas. While the queen took just a few days off, the Obamas are currently on a whopping 17 day vacation, and this is far from the only one they’ve taken this year.

Queen Rania cut her vacation short to help her people, but the Obamas have shown no sign of ending their’s early. Instead, they are perfectly happy to keep spending our money on their luxury trip to Martha’s Vineyard. The queen’s vacation was on a modest boat, but the Obamas have spent our tax dollars on a luxury $12 million mansion for themselves.


If only we could trade the Obamas for Queen Rania…She is a truly classy ruler who knows how to take care of her people!


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