Friday, August 28, 2015

Queen Rania of Jordan has a long history of putting the Obamas to shame, and she’s just done it again in an AMAZING way!

President Obama is so worried about political correctness that he never says ANYTHING remotely against Muslims, despite the fact that we are currently under attack from radical Islamists. Queen Rania, however, isn’t afraid of Muslims, and she made that clear when she spoke out this week to tell moderate Muslims that they aren’t doing enough to fight ISIS and their “diabolical ideology.”

“Moderate Muslims the world over are not doing enough to win the ideological struggle at the heart of this battle,” Queen Rania said while speaking in France, according to The Political Insider. “We’re not actively helping Daesh, but we’re not actively stopping them either. We can’t stand against them until we as Muslims agree on what we stand for.”

Queen Rania went on to say that focusing on the youth in the Middle East, many of whom are unemployed refugees, will be key in destroying ISIS. She pointed out that these young people need “education, opportunities, work and… also a little bit of luck, that someone believes in them.”

The Jordanian royal said that 100 million jobs must be created by 2020 to ensure that disaffected young people will not be tempted to join ISIS.

“Failure is not an option because if we fail in the face of these extremists and if they win, the region will quickly be devastated,” she concluded.

It’s so refreshing to see a world leader who is not afraid to take on ISIS directly, even if it means offending some Muslims in the process. Take notes, Obama, because Queen Rania is a WAY better leader than you will EVER be!

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