Thursday, August 20, 2015

When Obama first took office, he promised to have the most transparent presidency in the history of this country. Unfortunately, his presidency has turned out to be anything but transparent…

Obama’s Iran deal has been shrouded in secrecy, but new reports have revealed that the Obama administration has actually had secret communications with governments all over the world. Now, Senators Marco Rubio and Mark Kirk that the Obama administration make public copies of letters from the administration to foreign governments that have already been shown to lawmakers.


According to Conservative Tribune, the letters were written to leaders in China, France, Germany and the U.K., and they promise that companies will not be penalized for engaging in business with Iran, even if Iran violates the terms of the nuclear deal.

“The documents submitted by the Administration to Congress include non-public letters that you sent to the French, British, German, and Chinese governments on the consequences of sanctions snap-back,” Kirk and Rubio wrote to Secretary of State John Kerry. “These letters appear to reassure these foreign governments that their companies may not be impacted if sanctions are re-imposed in response to Iranian violations of the agreement.”

“While Administration officials have claimed that this is not the case, we think it is important for the American public to be able to read your assurances to foreign governments for themselves as their elected representatives review this deal in the coming weeks,” they continued.

We applaud Rubio and Kirk for having the courage to stand up to Obama, and expose him as the liar that he is!

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