Wednesday, August 19, 2015

15 year-old Stephen Davis was sitting in math class when a bully started to pick on him. When he asked his teacher for help, he never thought this would happen next…

Stephen, a freshman at Streamwood High School in Illinois, was trying to pay attention in class when a fellow student started making fun of him by drawing a picture on the electronic whiteboard of a cartoon monster with buck teeth and wide eyes. According to American Overlook, Stephen’s substitute teacher then began bullying him as well.

“[You] can’t even spell my name right,” Stephen said as the teacher wrote “Stepen” next to the picture. Unfazed, the teacher then wrote “Stephen’s ugly a**” next to the image.

The teenage student then whipped out his cellphone camera in an effort to capture his humiliating ordeal on camera.

“I get bullied a lot during the school day, I’m big. I shake it off. Basically, it’s background noise to me now, it’s happened since first grade,” he said. “But this is the first time a teacher has actually done it.”

Stephen uploaded the video to youtube, and it quickly went viral after his sister posted it to the school’s Facebook page.

“I decided to post the video so people could see what goes on in classrooms and schools. It’s not just about Stephen,” Stephen’s sister Brianna said. “It’s about the other students who go through this every day and nothing ever happens to the people that are doing this to them.”

A representative from the school, U-46 CEO Tony Sanders, issued the following statement on Facebook promising that they would investigate the incident:

“I want to assure our parents that we are aware of the video that is circulating allegedly showing a substitute teacher bullying a student at Streamwood High. Immediate and appropriate action was taken early this morning pending the outcome of our investigation.”

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