Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Over the last few months, Marie Wright noticed that various items were going missing from her house. However, it wasn’t until she noticed marks on her attic door that things got REALLY bad.

It all started ten years ago, when Wright, 28, was introduced to Alexander Cooper, 27, by a mutual friend. The two remained acquaintances for years until about five months ago, when they noticed each other on the dating website “Plenty Of Fish.” According to Mad World News, they decided to go out on a date, and they quickly fell in love.


Wright now says that Cooper seemed “totally normal,” and that he would often send her “cute” text messages throughout the day. Things took a drastic turn for the worse, however, when Wright’s roommate left town for a week and she invited Cooper to stay with her in her apartment in Sheffield, England.

When Wright’s roommate returned home, Cooper refused to leave, creating a messy situation. Wright eventually had to kick him out, telling him to “give her some space,” and that’s when things got REALLY weird.

Wright and her roommate soon began to notice that various things in their apartment were going missing. At first it was small things like toilet paper, cigarettes, and food, but then it escalated to items like pillows and blankets. The girls began setting traps around their home, and when they discovered their traps had been tripped, they called the police.


Officers pointed out finger prints on the attic door, but they said they didn’t see anything unusual up there. Wright became so afraid that she called Cooper, asking him to take a look deeper into the attic, but he also said that he saw nothing.

The next day, Wright found that things had gotten even worse. Someone had taken out three pay day loans worth £450 in her name, as well as £200 in cash. She called the police again, then left to drive Cooper back to his father’s house.

That’s when Wright’s roommate had her boyfriend search the attic, and he found something VERY different than Cooper had…


Hidden behind the boiler in the corner of the attic was a makeshift bed made of the missing pillows and blankets. The boyfriend also found food wrappers and cigarette ash, but then he found something even more shocking: a bag of clothes belonging to Cooper.

When her roommate called to tell her what they found, Wright immediately knew Cooper was the “stranger in the attic.”

“He had been texting me from up there, telling me he couldn’t answer phone calls because his phone was broken — actually it was because he was in the loft,” Wright recounted. “As far as we can work out, he was waiting until we went to work, coming in and going round the house, and then waiting until we came home from work and going up into the loft and staying there.”

“I just felt sick when I found out,” she added. “It was like a horror movie.”


Wright hasn’t spoken to Cooper since that day, and he has since been arrested. After he confessed to everything, Cooper was charged with 16 crimes including twelve counts of fraud, three of theft, and one of perverting the course of justice. He was sentenced to 16 months in prison.

As for Wright, she’s just trying to rebuild the trust she once had in those around her.

“I’m definitely going to be a little more cautious when I meet people now,” she said.

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