Thursday, August 13, 2015

A few days ago, we reported that Hollywood actor Tom Selleck had risked his career to expose the truth about Obama. In the wake of this uproar, a vintage clip has surfaced of Selleck teaching shameless race-baiter Oprah Winfrey a huge lesson.

In this 1987 interview, Oprah was interviewing Selleck and Ted Danson about their hilarious movie Three Men and a Baby. If you know anything about Oprah, you know that she takes herself WAY too seriously. The media mogul can’t laugh at herself so she’s always stunned when any other celebrity can.

Watch as Selleck teaches Oprah a huge lesson about being able to laugh at himself. Having served in the military, Selleck is able to see Hollywood for what it is, and to not take the entertainment industry so seriously. For that, we applaud you, Mr. Selleck!

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