Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Tom Selleck is a Hollywood icon who has become a conservative icon after he’s made no effort to hide his Republican views from his liberal peers.

After noticing that Obama has no respect for the veterans who have put their lives on the line for our country, Selleck decided to open up about his military service and how it affected his life. After being drafted into the service, Selleck served in the National Guard from 1967 to 1973. The actor even rose to the rank of Sergeant.

“Most of my peer group that I told you about, more than—at least five of them are dead,” Selleck recounted, according to The Political Insider. “Some died young, some died wasted. Smart, two of the smartest guys that were in that little group of mine… Wasted life.”

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Selleck went on to imply that it may have done Obama some good to have served in the military himself.

“My blessing was that continuity—people were trying pot at the same time that I went away for active duty in the military,” Selleck continued. “I actually went to a party the day I got back, in my uniform. Not something you’d do in the ’60s—I didn’t realize. But I came back, and they were talking about watching flowers grow and taking acid and everything else. And I had this weird blessing in my life where I was away for six months, because I’d seen a progression that I might not have noticed had I been around.”

This is why we love Tom Selleck: he’s a no-nonsense conservative who is never afraid to tell it like it is in a classy way.

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