Wednesday, August 26, 2015

On Tuesday night, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump headed to a rally in Iowa, and their he dropped a bombshell that has left liberal politicians everywhere in a panic.

“I say we should outlaw teleprompters for anybody running for president,” Trump said with a laugh, according to Conservative Tribune.

While Trump was obviously joking, his point was very clear. The business mogul is sick and tired of fake politicians like Barack Obama reading speeches off teleprompters like robots. Trump is pushing for politicians to speak with their own words, something that has left people like Obama in a panic about their political future.

This is partly why people love Trump. He’s one of the only politicians in the country who speaks off the cuff, giving him a realness that has earned him the respect of millions of Americans. If teleprompters were indeed banned, it would effectively end the political careers of fake politicians like Jeb Bush and Barack Obama, who depend on a team of writers to connect with the American people.

This idea doesn’t sound that bad to us at all!

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