Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Leading GOP candidate Donald Trump held a well-attended press conference in Iowa yesterday. Among attendees was Jorge Ramos from the Hispanic TV network Univision.

Since Trump announced his candidacy, Ramos has made it his mission to attack the real estate mogul. He has been on major networks nearly every night trying to take down the GOP candidate.

At the Iowa press release, Ramos stood up and started talking even though Trump had not called on him.

Trump told Ramos to sit down several times, but he did not comply. Instead, he went on a rant about Trump’s plan to deport illegal aliens.

“Go ahead,” Trump told his security guard, when Ramos wouldn’t stop talking.

Next, a large security guard escorted Ramos out, while he continued speaking.

It’s refreshing to have a presidential candidate who isn’t afraid to take action. Trump isn’t just talk — he’s the real deal.

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