Thursday, August 27, 2015

Yesterday, we reported that the GOP in South Carolina had delivered an ultimatum to Donald Trump as they made all candidates sign a pledge that they would not run as third party candidates.

Now, Trump has responded, and what he had to say may surprise you.

According to The Political Insider, Trump has promised GOP leaders that he will NOT run as a third party candidate if he does not receive the Republican nomination. This move may help Trump earn more support from the GOP establishment, as well as silence detractors who accused him of trying to split the vote and help the Democratic nominee.

Michael Cohen, an aide in Trump’s campaign, told the press that the business mogul was simply trying to ensure that the GOP establishment would treat him fairly during the election.

“He just wanted to ensure that the establishment would treat him as fair as they would treat any of the other candidates,” Cohen said. “And I believe, right now, they are treating him fairly. It is my personal belief that the RNC is treating Mr. Trump the same as the other candidates, and he will live up to his agreement not to run as an independent.”

When Trump was asked earlier this month why he refused to commit to not running as an independent during the GOP debate, he gave a response that indicated he was leaning towards making this pledge.

“I didn’t think it was appropriate to commit during the debate,” Trump said. “You know, I was a little surprised they even asked me at the debate but that was OK. But at some point, look, I want to run, I’m leading in the polls by a lot, I want to run as a Republican. I want to get the nomination and I want to beat the Democrats.”

What do you think about this? Did Trump do the right thing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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