Monday, August 17, 2015

Race-baiters have labelled a college as “racist” after administrators tried to crack down on sagging pants among students.

Henderson State University is a public college in Arkadelphia, Ark., and while they didn’t ban sagging pants, they did put up signs around campus warning students that sagging pants and profanities would not be tolerated.

“Our faculty in particular had experienced an increase in inappropriate classroom behaviors that were disturbing the learning environment,” said university spokeswoman Tonya Smith, according to Daily Caller.

“We do a disservice to students if we do not teach those values while they’re here,” added college administrator Lewis Shepherd Jr.

While many have applauded the college for taking a stand against this disturbing trend, liberal race-baiters weren’t happy about it at all.

“Its politically insensitive to certain groups. They felt like they were being targeted,” student Kristin Bell told local KATV News. After receiving lots of backlash, the school took the signs down, but it was too late: race-baiters had already descended on the university. They say that what the school did is both racist and illegal.

“Absent some kind of showing that sagging pants could somehow disrupt the educational environment in a clearly, truly unreasonable way, which is hard to fathom, this is a blatant overreach by the administration,” Will Creeley of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education commented. “It’s dismaying that a public institution of higher education wants to treat their students as if they are in grade school.”

We applaud Henderson for trying to make young people stop wearing sagging pants. We think these race-baiters need to take a chill pill, and invest in some belts!

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