Saturday, August 15, 2015

When you were growing up you probably hoped you would find some hidden treasure when you were digging around in the dirt. Maybe an old matchbox car or something to that effect. But that is not quite what these boys in California found when they went digging.

These boys were digging in their year when they found a buried Ferrari!


What these boys had actually discovered was a 1974 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS that had been buried under just about three feet of dirt in their own yard. The family had not lived in the house for very long and immediately called the police when the boys made their discovery.


After the experts had pulled the car from the dirt they had realized that whoever had buried the car had planned to come back and retrieve it. They had put towels inside of the vents but the windows were not closed so a lot of dirt go in and caused quite a bit of damage.

Farmers Insurance was then contacted because the VIN number had been traced to the person who last owned the vehicle. Apparently the last owner had hired someone to steal the car, dump it in the ocean, so he could then claim the insurance on the vehicle. The thieves had planned at some point to pick it up.


The Ferrari was soon restored by a young mechanic in California. The vanity plate read “Dug Up.”


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