Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Angie Dellora may look like a normal pregnant mother-to-be, but she’s actually anything but.

Dellora has been pregnant with her son for a whopping 24 months, and she’s hoping to deliver him soon. The expectant mother has a rare type of blood disease that causes her fetus to not get enough oxygen, and it’s organs to not grow normally. Doctors told her that if she wanted to continue her pregnancy, it could take years for the baby to be born, but Dellora insisted on keeping her son.


Dellora says she has not been able to walk for four months, and that her baby now weighs 19 pounds. Despite this, she has no regrets about maintaining her pregnancy.


Medical experts are baffled by Dellora’s case, as most doctors have never seen a woman be pregnant for more than 10 months. Many question whether this mother and child will be able to survive the harrowing birth, and Dellora is currently heading to China to try an experimental acupuncture treatment that may calm her nervous system and regulate her blood cells. This would help normalize her baby’s growth rate, and also help her give birth faster.


If this story sounds unbelievable, that’s because it isn’t true! After Angie’s story went viral, she was exposed as a fraud.


This will undoubtedly come as a relieve to any woman who has ever been pregnant, as they know that 9 months is MORE than enough time to be carrying a baby!

Angie Dellora was actually Alexandra Kinova, a Czech woman who was pregnant with the first quintuplets born in the Czech Republic. Her pictures were used for a fake viral story, unbeknownst to her.


We’re glad this woman gave birth to five healthy babies with no complications, and that she was only pregnant for 9 months!

H/T: Hilarioust

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