Wednesday, September 16, 2015

From the very beginning of tonight’s GOP debate, there was one clear target: Donald Trump. But the Donald just UNLEASHED like a nuclear bomb on one of his toughest critics.

Almost every candidate on stage made a point to attack Trump and downplay him as a non-serious, “joke” candidate. Jeb Bush was among those candidates.

Most voters know that Jeb Bush is pro-amnesty, but Trump called him out in front of MILLIONS.

“He’s weak on immigration, he’s pro-Common Core, and he doesn’t get my vote,” Trump said during the debate. He then laid out his own comprehensive immigration plan.

“We will move them out. The great ones will come back LEGALLY. Then we’ll have a country.”

Trump also stressed the importance of speaking English, pointing out that Jeb has been seen speaking SPANISH on the campaign trail. “This is a country where we speak ENGLISH, not Spanish,” Trump declared.

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