Wednesday, September 2, 2015

An activist from “Black Lives Matter” in Phoenix, AZ performed a use of force scenarios exercise with his local department and went away feeling differently.

According to KSAZ-TV, Jarrett Maupin was able to lead multiple marches at the police headquarters in Phoenix who was distraught about police shooting a man who was unarmed and said that he resisted arrest.

This activist decided he would go through a standard use of force exercise training with the Sheriff’s Department where he would learn different police scenarios and whether or not you should draw a gun in the circumstances shown.

He performed three different scenarios with the first being one where a suspect hid behind a car and pulled out a gun and shot him. The second scenario Maupin tried to break up an argument that soon became physical. Someone rushed him and then he fired his weapon. In the last scenario, he was able to detain the suspect.

Maupin feels as though he has had a change in heart after doing the training exercises.

“I didn’t understand how important compliance was, but after going through this; yes my attitude has changed, this happens in 10-15 seconds,” he said. “People need to comply for their own sake.”

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