Friday, September 11, 2015

A United Airlines flight that was set to travel from Frankfurt, Germany to San Francisco was grounded today shortly after it took off because of a bomb threat.

According to Daily Mail, the jet returned to Frankfurt Airport safely on Friday and all passengers and luggage were searched thoroughly, but nothing was found.


Authorities around the world were on high alert today, as many terrorist groups had threatened to launch attacks on the anniversary of 9/11. Federal police spokesman Christian Altenhofen said that the bomb threat mentioned Flight 902 specifically, so authorities took every precaution.

“Police received a threat notice warning of a bomb attack,” Altenhofen said. “We ordered the plane back to Frankfurt, where it landed safely.”


“It was a very specific threat and you have to keep in mind the date,” he added, referring to 9/11. “It made us take the threat seriously.”

United Airlines added that they had done everything they could to address the threat.

“United flight 902 returned to Frankfurt shortly after take-off today at the direction of the German authorities,” a United spokesman said. “The plane landed safely at 3:39 p.m. local time.”


“The safety and security of our customers and employees is paramount,” the spokesman added. “The flight was subsequently canceled as the crew exceeded their legally permitted duty hours.”

“Our customer service team at Frankfurt is providing assistance to customers and is making arrangements for them to complete their journeys,” he concluded.

Rob Tobias, a passenger aboard Flight 902, told reporters that the pilots announced fifteen minutes after takeoff that they would be returning to the airport due to a security concern. Photos from the ground show the chaotic aftermath of the landing.



We’re thankful that nobody was hurt during this incident! An investigation into the bomb threat itself is still pending.

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