Monday, September 21, 2015

A beloved Fox anchor in Boston has made the shocking announcement that she will be leaving her network after two decades there.

Fans were stunned when Fox 25 
powerhouse anchor Maria Steph­anos made the announcement, just 11 months after her station fell under new ownership. Though she remained silent about why she was leaving, her husband, Dale Stephanos, implied in a Facebook post that she was leaving because of bad blood between her and her station’s new owners, Cox Media Group.

“It’s so rare to find people with real integrity these days,” Dale wrote, according to The Boston Herald. “Harder still to find people like that in the media. I’m so proud and happy for my wife today. This took a lot of guts.”

Stephanos said in a press release that she would be leaving to “pursue new professional endeavors” and “embark on a new adventure.” She will be anchoring her final show tonight at 11 pm. Insiders say that Stephanos’ departure will come as a major blow to her station.

“It will definitely be a loss. She’s the heart and soul of that station,” said an industry observer. “That news operation was built around her.”

“She’s been the face of the station,” a former news executive said. “Maria has a brand and the audience responded to her brand. Another station might want to take advantage of her brand to boost their audiences. She has made her mark in the marketplace.”

As for Maria Stephanos herself, she addressed her departure with a short Facebook post.

“What can I say? Goodbyes are never easy,” she wrote. “I’m excited for the future! I love you New England. To my core. And my soul.”

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