Thursday, September 3, 2015

Before Obama took office in 2008, Israel and the U.S. had a very close relationship. However, since Obama entered the White House, he has single-handedly destroyed U.S.-Israeli relations.

These relations took another hit last Thursday, when Obama led a conference call with liberal activists in the hopes of garnering support for his Iran deal. During the call, Obama was caught making a series of racist comments about American Jews.

According to Conservative Tribune, Obama used the outdated stereotype that wealthy Jews use their money to control America as an excuse for why so many people in this country are outraged by the deal. The president also accused anyone who is against his deal of being “opposed to any deal with Iran,” which implies that conservative Americans actively want us to go to war with Iran.

During his rant, Obama also whined about “well-financed lobbyists,” as well as “big check writers to political campaigns” and “billionaires who happily finance super-PACs.”

In addition, Obama attacked the American Israel Public Affairs Committee by complaining about the “$20 million” being spent on ads against the nuclear deal. Six years ago, AIPAC played a major role in getting Obama elected, but they have since realized who he really is.

Finally, Obama made the outrageous claim of accusing American Jews of being “responsible for us getting into the Iraq war.”

Obama seems like one extremely bitter person that nobody likes his Iran deal. However, if he doesn’t lay off with his racist comments soon, he could land us all in BIG trouble with Israel.

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