Thursday, September 3, 2015

If you take a minute to think about what society gets upset over it can be rather idiotic and crazy. is a petition site where individuals can go and start petitions about issues that they they have concern with. I am sure you have seen it all in your news feed on Facebook before and are probably getting sick and tired of it.

A children’s book was recently released and it caused quite a controversy. So much that people started a position to get it banned. The book is called “I Want To Be Bacon When I Grow Up!”
According to Mad World News, hardcore liberal Jeff Hirst started this petition to have this booked banned from book stores. The petition is called,“Stop promoting and selling the children’s book about a piglet who says, ‘I want to be bacon when I grow up,'” and over 6,300 people have signed it so far. Hirst does not believe that we should be informing our children that animals simply want to grow up to be meat, and liberals have added that pigs are incredibly offensive to Muslims.
This continues to be what is wrong with society.

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