Monday, September 14, 2015

Europe is currently in crisis as millions of Muslims have fled there from the Middle East. Now, Christians in the western continent are quickly becoming the minority in their own countries, and Muslims are taking over.

A disturbing video from England was posted online last Monday, and it shows two Christian men being viciously beaten by a gang of Muslims after they “disrespected a mosque.” According to Conservative Tribune, the footage opens in East London with Muslims beating a drunk man who allegedly urinated outside of a mosque in the Brick Lane borough of Tower Hamlets.

This area of London was once almost exclusively Christian, but now it has the highest concentration of Muslims in all of England.

The video shows the drunk man being savagely beaten along with another Christian who tried to come to his aid. The Muslim mob can be heard chanting “this is Brick Lane! This is Brick Lane mother f****r!” as they continue beating them.

The drunk man was later identified as a 36 year-old man, and he was rushed to the hospital for his injuries. He has since been released.

Videos like this serve as a cautionary tale about what can happen when you open the door to too many Muslims. If we are not careful, the U.S. could end up in the same predicament that England is in now!

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