Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Since the Obamas entered the White House, they have done everything possible to keep their daughters Sasha and Malia hidden away from the public eye. The teenagers’ lives have been shrouded in mystery throughout their father’s presidency: until now.

An newly surfaced interview from 2010 gives some never-before-seen insight into the lives of the first daughters. Thought this is from five years ago, the daily lives of the girls have likely not varied much since they are both still in school.

According to the Today Show, the girls both wake up every morning at 6am for school. Though they are both still underage, each Obama girl has their own savings account. Though Obama admitted that he gives them a hefty allowance, he refused to say just how much the girls get.

This is particularly disturbing, since Obama is likely funding the girls’ allowances with tax dollars from the American people. This means that our hard-earned money is being used to fund the social lives of two teenage girls…

The Obamas tried to defend themselves from accusations of bad parenting by pointing out that the girls aren’t allowed to watch TV during the week and are only allowed limited TV time on weekends. While this may sound like good parenting, it’s a rule that the Obamas are rarely around to enforce. The Obamas prefer partying with celebrities to raising their daughters, so they have left much of the girls’ child rearing up to nannies and White House staffers as they jet all over the world.

The Obama girls are getting to the age now where they are able to forge their own lives. We hope that they are able to escape their parents and carve their own place in the world, despite the horrible way they were brought up!

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