Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A few months ago, President Obama officially turned on American police officers when he blamed them for the violent race riots spreading across the country, instead of the protesters themselves.

Since then, there has been a dramatic increase in U.S. cop killings as thugs think they can attack police officers because “Obama said they could.” Over the last few weeks, these violent attacks against police officers have continued to escalate, and cops everywhere are no longer feeling safe in their own country.

Last month, Louisiana State Trooper Steven Vincent was brutally murdered during a routine traffic stop. Despite the fact that Vincent died while trying to protect Americans, President Obama has yet to address his death.

Disgusted with Obama’s behavior towards American cops, the Robertson family of Duck Dynasty decided to step up and do something amazing. After hearing that Vincent’s 9 year-old son Ethan is a huge fan of their show, Willie and Uncle Si Robertson gave him the surprise of his life.

According to Conservative Tribune, the Robertsons treated Ethan to a tour of the West Monroe Duck Commander warehouse where they operate their family business.


“I like [Uncle] Si because he’s funny and he drinks tea like me — I like it sweet,” said the ecstatic fourth grader, who was accompanied on the tour by his mother Katherine.

Willie and Ethan shared a good laugh when they heard that Uncle Si had let his hunting license expire. Willie was then impressed when he heard that the little boy had assembled his duck call himself.

“I need to hire you because I can’t get anybody else to do it,” Willie told the boy.

After his wonderful day, Ethan praised Duck Dynasty, saying that it’s his favorite show “because I like to hunt and fish, and they all seem like they’re having a good time.”

We applaud the Robertsons for giving this little boy a day to forget the tragedy which happened to his father. Thanks for stepping up, Robertsons!

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