Friday, September 25, 2015

A few weeks ago, former daycare teacher Ashlee Minchew was accused of forcing her children to battle each other in what is being described as a “daycare fight club.” Minchew reportedly filmed the children fighting and posted it on social media.

Though Minchew denied the allegations and said that this was all a misunderstanding, footage has come to light that proves that suggests that she was indeed behind the fight club.

According to The Blaze, the footage clearly shows kids fighting at Children’s Universe of Lake Conroe near Houston last year. Minchew is now claiming that she didn’t actually shoot the video, and that she only leaked it because she was angry about being fired.

Parents were outraged when they saw the video, and at least one is now suing the daycare. The mother’s attorney, Greg Fibich, told the press that “it’s just shocking” that something like this could happen.

“She [the mother] did a lot of research about this facility and thought that her children were in safe hands,” Fibich said.

After the video went public, the daycare released the following statement:

“At the present time, we have not been made aware of any lawsuit. The incident in question occurred close to a year ago and was first reported to the authorities by myself and our director. We cooperated 100 percent in the investigation, which was closed by the police and Texas Department of Family and Protective Services several weeks later. The employee in question had been terminated for unrelated reasons prior to the initial report.”

“The employee in question,” however, is Minchew, and she is proclaiming her innocence. She says that she is merely a whistleblower, and that the law is on her side.

“I wish I could just run to parents and be like, ‘Look, it wasn’t me filming! I’m just the one who chose to leak it,’” said Minchew, who is now employed as a nanny.

The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office decided not to charge Minchew, but she was a suspect in the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department’s investigation.

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