Friday, September 11, 2015

A Massachusetts school recently banned yoga pants, saying that they are too “distracting.” Now, students at Cape Cod Regional Tech in Harwich, MA are taking a stand, accusing their school or promoting body shaming with the ban.

According to American Overlook, the school said that there students could still wear yoga pants, but only if they wear shorts or a skirt over them. In protest, students have begun wearing ONLY yoga pants to class.

“I definitely see both sides I think we need to dress appropriately at school not show anything that is inappropriate but at the same time we need to be standing up for our rights in what we can wear,” said senior class president Seana Aiolupotea, who recently joined the protest.

Girls aren’t the only ones protesting the ban, the guys are joining in too!

“It’s pretty much like the same thing that’s going on in the Middle East,” said one male student. “Women can’t drive because it’s a distraction to men and I don’t think it’s fair that we can take something away from the girls just because it’s either distracting the guys or its non-professional.”

After the protest, Superintendent Robert Sanborn told the school that students would no longer be punished for wearing yoga pants.

“In the hallways we’re always addressing dress in one way or another,” Sanborn commented. “It’s hats indoors, tank tops things of that nature, and it’s a teachable moment, it’s not a disciplinary action, it’s not detention.”

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