Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hillary Clinton has spent the summer being extremely cocky that she will be receiving the Democratic nomination for president. However, the email scandal has wreaked havoc on both her credibility and her campaign, and with Bernie Sanders closing in on her in the polls, Hillary is now getting desperate.

After months of stubbornly refusing to apologize for using a private email server to conduct official government business when she was Secretary of State, Hillary finally said “I’m sorry” during an interview with ABC a few days ago. Just one day before the interview, Hillary had told the press that she didn’t need to apologize because “what I did was allowed.”

According to The Blaze, Hillary followed up this short apology by posting a lengthier one on Facebook on Tuesday night. In the apology, Hillary tried to make what she did look like a “small mistake” that nobody should be worrying about now.


Nice try, Hillary, but this apology is a little too little too late!

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