Monday, September 7, 2015

It’s been a rough few weeks for Hulk Hogan…

In July, Hulk Hogan was abruptly fired from the WWE after audio footage leaked of him using the n-w0rd.

The audio footage was part of a sex tape that was leaked by Hogan’s ex-girlfriend. In the video, Hogan loses it as he talks about the fact that his daughter Brooke is dating a black man, who he referred to as the n’word. Last month, Hogan was in trouble again when audio footage showed him using an anti-gay slur as well. Things only got worse for Hogan when it was revealed that authorities are considering pressing charges against him after he was caught lying under oath about the tape.

Now, Hogan has broken his silence in the hopes that the liberal lynch mob that has ruined his career will show him some mercy. Though he admits he used the “n-word” and that it was “one huge mistake,” he also said that using this word was a result of growing up as a regular guy in Florida.

“We are all products of our environment,” the 62-year-old told People. “If you lived in South Tampa then, you greeted your friends with the n-word, or if you were mad at your friends, you used the n-word. It was a part of my daily environment.”

Hogan went on to say that when he was a child, he lived in a town that still segregated blacks and whites.

“As soon as I broke out of that environment – that small fish bowl – and became the Hulk Hogan wrestling star, the rest of the world wasn’t like the place I grew up,” he recounted. “I realized right away that I had to reeducate myself.”

“When you inherit something that is passed on generation to generation to generation, it becomes a practice,” he added. “You have to be aware of it. I realized this behavior and this type of verbiage is unacceptable. So for me to digress and say something so foul is devastating.”

Though he said the tape being released was initially devastating, he added that that day had gone from being “the worst day of my life to the best day of my life” because it has shown him who his real friends are and brought him closer to his family.

“It’s taken this huge burden off my shoulders because behind this dark cloud is going be this huge shiny lesson, and I’m going to help people with this,” he said. “I’ve always known that I wasn’t put on this world just to be a wrestler.”

This scandal has reinforced Hogan’s belief that family is the most important thing.

“If anybody should have kicked me to the curb and been done with me, it should have been Brooke. My anger was directed towards her,” Hogan said. “But my kids have always been there for me with unconditional love.”

We’ll continue to pray for Hogan, and hope that liberals will leave him alone and allow him to continue his wrestling career in peace!

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